Cardano Blockchain

Dracards is one of the pioneers in NFT games based off the Cardano Blockchain, which comes with new and advanced funcionalities and establishes roots in what is considered the most promising blockchain and is predicted to become the most prominent one worldwide.

Token sales and allocation

$FIRE is the native token off of Cardano and will be made available in a pre-determined 36-months schedule, starting from opening up tokens to public purchase. The inicial circulation supply is defined in 15,847,000 FIRE (15,85% of total stock).

The chart above demonstrates the maximum possible inssuance for FIRE over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 100,000,000.

The inssuance of FIRE is expected to be slightly lower than the launch schedule. The Play to Earn and Ecosystem fund allocations are not going to be released until the game is programmed to a bigger structure, even if tokens are available.


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