System Details

Card Staking: You can set your cards on stake in order to earn staking rewards. For that, you have to use your cards by placing them inside the building slots

Cards: Each card in the game has a value of HASHPOWER that tells the efficiency while on stake. The higher the HASHPOWER the higher is the staking reward. The Card’s HASHPOWER is set according to the card’s rarity tier (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary), the rarer the card the higher HASHPOWER it has.




EPIC 247.5


Buildings: Every building provides a different number of slots available for staking your cards, the slots are varied by how many cards you can place there on stake. What also varies is the number of rarer cards you can place according to the rarity tiers. Each building exposes a number of maximum efficiency called MAX HASHPOWER. The staking cycles are daily and rewarded in Fires.

Free Building: Every player has a basic free building with a limited number of slots available to stake their cards, this building provides a limited value of MAX HASHPOWER.

NFT Building: There are several NFT buildings available in Draconia that provide different MAX HASHPOWERS and different card slots. The buildings are NFTs you can trade, buy and sell within the network and each building will be first sold for the starting price, after that it will be a property of the community over the time.

(Soon) Rent: NFT Building owners can rent their slots to any other player who is willing to place cards to stake at the building owner’s available slots. This way the owner gets paid a tax proportional to the staking reward he provided to the other player.

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