How to?

I cannot purchase my building, how can I stake my cards?
Some mechanisms were implemented considering this possibility.
  • As a rule, all accounts will already have a free building, not NFT, with a max hash power of 491, but with some limitations. A free building is for individual use and non-transferable, so you cannot rent a slot to another player and cannot be traded or minted, it is an intrinsic benefit to the player’s account.
Free Building Parameterization:
1 Epic slot
1 Rare Slot
2 Uncommon Slots
1 Common Slot
Totaling a capacity of up to 5 cards *These parameters can be modified over time as needed to balance the staking ecosystem.
  • You will be able to rent slots from nfts buildings from other players, sharing the value between you.
  • You will be able to buy a building from another player on a third party market like CNFT.IO
  • You can expect the release of another region of Draconia, but you will again be bound to concurrence.