The base idea is a battle system that has inspiration on famous and successful games, such as Hearthstone, Gwent and AutoChess. All players must build a deck with 50 cards that are randomly scrambled and drafted at the start of the battle. After the draft phase (with 5 cards) each turn will be played based on soulconsumption. In the first turn each player will start with 2 souls and can deploy creatures based on the soul for that turn. After the deployment of creatures for that turn, there will be a battle phase which will compare the power from both table sides, the difference between the powers will be deducted from the player’s gravehold points (which has a starting value of 500 points in its gravehold).

After the battle phase another draw phase will begin, in which players will decide how many cards they will keep on their hands from the previous drafting phase, the cards that the player chose not to keep will be sent back to the deck, which will perform another shuffle and will draft the same number of cards to the player hand. The player will always have 5 cards in hand after those choices.

All cards function with a system of evolution in which players can have a maximum of 9 cards of the same name in the deck. Those cards can be evolved during a match when pairing 3 of the same name. Example: You have on your board a 1 soulcost vampire minion, if you draft and put on the board 2 more vampire minions they will become a single creature that will have its power calculated through an algorithm. The power will be calculated based on the card’s rarity, if you have one vampire minion common, other rare and another legendary, the system will calculate the final power automatically based on each card stats.

All PvP battles works with a 10 turn limit. The winner will be declared when its opponent reaches a total of 0 points in its gravehold, or after the end of the 10th turn it is the one with the most points on its gravehold.

The PvP will work with a leaderboard, where the top players will be rewarded with $FIRE and a based quantity of boosters from the current season.

Both PvP and PvE battles will reward players with $FIRE, which will be used to buy boosters. Also there will be a disenchant system to destroy cards and convert them into a $FIRE value according to its rarity.

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