In February 2022 we started the creation and introduction of the Dracards metaverse.

We launched our world map, and with that a showcase of different regions of this environment. The first region launched and marketed was the High Market, located in the city of Markevia, new regions will come later on.

Within this region, several structures and buildings were made available that could be acquired by players/investors. These buildings are the first phase for our staking system, which will work differently from other known systems, aiming at the economic sustainability of our metaverse. Buildings have slots in which cards of different rarities can be allocated, as well as different amounts.

Suppose you have a building that contains a slot that holds up to 3 rare cards, so you can add a rare and two uncommon cards, for example. Or, following the same slot example, you can add two rare cards and one common. But you will never be able to add an epic or legendary card to that slot, as it goes beyond the maximum rarity limit.

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