Fire Passive Staking

Fire Passive Staking is another function we have worked on to benefit every member of our community that holds fire on his wallet or that provides liquidity to one of our pools (SundaeSwap and Minswap).

How will it work? Within the dracards website, there will be an option to login with a wallet (Initially integrated with Nami Wallet), where the user will be able to follow through a panel all the periods of the blockchain in which their wallet had FIRES or LP tokens that confirms that wallet was providing liquidity in one of our pools.

How often do I receive earnings? On every epoch on the blockchain there will be a snapshot of the wallets that hold FIRES/LP Tokens, and through this snapshot the wallet holder will be able to claim their FIRES reward just by clicking a button. Each epoch lasts 5 days.

How much will I receive in FIRES? - Liquidity: 1.7% *SundaeSwap or Minswap DEX

- Buildings 1.3% *Winning percentage is based on each building's individual Max Hashpower

- Fire on Wallet: 0.5%

- Common Card: 4 FIRE

- Uncommon Card: 5 FIRE

- Rare Card: 11 FIRE

- Epic Card: 35 FIRE

- Legendary Card: 150 FIRE

*While all other systems are not yet released, as the epochs go by we will continuously analyze the number of fire holders and thinking about the economic cycle of the environment we will adapt the rewards as necessary.

When will I be able to withdraw these FIRES to my wallet? After each claim, the FIRES earned are associated with your account, and can be withdrawn to your wallet 100% without discounts after 180 days.

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