Price and Content

Each booster will include 5 cards, which will be randomly generated when a player opens it.

There are 5 different types of rarity with their respective probabilities:

Common – 39%

Uncommon – 30%

Rare – 23%

Epic – 7%

Legendary – 1%

Remembering that all cards in our game has a 4% chance of being a foil version!

By default a season ends 45 days after the release of its last collection. Each season is planned to have 4 collections. Where 1 collection is reserved for promotional, exclusive and limited supply cards. And 3 collections with unlimited sales for the duration of the season.

To conclude the boosters section, lets talk about the price. On our initial planning the price would be 10,000 fires, with our economy specialist it was a something that we really worked on and made sense at first, but after the token listing on SundaeSwap, the rise of the token price and the feedback from our amazing community we went back to our clipboard to work on it one more time, and our decision was to fix the price on 3,000 fires per booster.

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